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A comparison between the myth of Perseus and its adaptation “The Terrible Head”

People have always been fascinated about myths especially Greek myths and the tales of the gods. Gods who were similar to humans and have human’s qualities. Therefore, myths were not far from reality and people always link these myths with reality through the ages. Also, Greek myths express the beliefs and values about good, evil, faith, war, love, sacrifice, origins, life and death. Moreover, Greek mythology for some people answers the questions of the creation of Earth and human existence. But basically, Greek mythology has been a treasure to literaries and poets and thousands of literary works were inspired by Greek myths. One of this works is “The Terrible Head” from “The
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Luckly, the chest arrive to the chore of Seriphos where a fishman named Dictys lives and his brother Polydectes was the ruler of this island. He was kind to Danae and his child and they lived with him until Perseus becomes a young man. Polydectes fall in love with Danae and asked to marry her, but she refused. If not Perseus, he would force her to marry him, so he contrives a plot to get rid of Perseus by sending him on a suicide mission. He ordered him to bring the head of the Gorgon Medusa which was a horrible creature, who had snakes on her head instead of hair, and a scary gaze that turns anyone who would look into her eyes to stone. While he was preparing for the adventure, he realized that he did not know how to find the lair of Medusa. Then a tall lady and a man with winged sandals appeared and presented themselves as goddess Athena and god Hermes. And they are here to help him in his mission as he is the son of god Zeus. So Hermes gave him his winged sandals and a sickle and Athena gave him a shield, also they gave him information on how to find Medusa. He then found his way to The Graeae cave were three women who shared
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