Character Analysis: The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini

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“For you a thousand times over.” This famous quote comes from the book “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini. The author portraits the image of love and sacrifice through the characters of the story. Although, the book had a happy ending, many devastating events happened before it, like the death of Hassan, Sohrab’s suicide attempt, etc. From many questionable suspects, it is arguable that one individual is the responsible for all of this. Due to his flawed actions towards his closest peers, Amir’s character should be considered responsible for all of those incidents, which makes him more like a villain than a hero. Firstly, Amir is a villain because of his cowardly actions throughout the story. In the beginning of the story, Baba argues with…show more content…
After Amir was unable to defend Hassan from being teased, Hassan became depressed. In the morning, Ali asked about what happened that night and Amir denied the truth by telling Ali that “Maybe he’s sick. People get sick all the time”(Hosseini 81). This presents Amir telling a lie, which makes him an untrustworthy person. After lying to Ali about Hassan, he felt uncomfortable being besides Hassan, so he shows his insincerity by putting his new watch under Hassan’s couch so that he and Ali could be fired from the house (Hosseini 104). In the end, both Ali and Hassan leave the house, and Amir destroyed the 40-year friendship of Ali and Baba. Amir demonstrates he is untrustworthy one more time when he breaks the promise with Sohrab. Amir promised Sohrab that he will take him back to America, and he won’t take him into any orphanage. Despite promising Sohrab about not taking him into an orphanage, Amir mentioned told him it was the only way, but Sohrab begged him not to do it: “Please promise you won’t! Oh God, Amir agha! Please promise you won’t” (Hosseini 342). Breaking this promise made Sohrab attempt to commit suicide, but luckily he remained alive. Throughout these actions, its is visible that Amir cannot be trusted, and this makes him more like a

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