Possibilities And Issues With Time Travel

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Travelling through time is something people dream of. It appears extensively in popular cultural movies & literature and many believe that it will be invented in a near future. Time travelling in such stories often occurs using a time machine, which takes the traveller to a certain time.
As technology has advanced at such a rapid pace the last years it may not seem like an impossibility. But theories today tell us that time travel doesn’t really look like in the movies and will certainly not include any time machine. The reality of time travel is a much harder case, as it may include elements as moving at nearly the speed of light, something with todays knowledge seems unthinkable. This essay will briefly cover the possibilities and issues with time travel.
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Simon Worrall mentions in his article in National Geographic that the first evidence of it appearing in literature was essentially as late as 1895 in H.G Wells’s novel “The Time Machine” . Earlier novels had been around but Wells’s popularized the term. Even though time travel was introduced that late to popular culture, Einstein published in 1905 his theory about Special Relativity with a part about moving through
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