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I am Fito, and i’m in need of a tiny house. I will need to have something that is moveable. I will have to move to another state. I will be going to college in Fort Collins, Colorado for welding and auto tech/collision . Plus after my college classes I would be going to work that is 25-30 mins away from where the tiny house would parked. These are some features the tiny house would have to have is enough storage to put clothes, and other things, room for a twin size bed, and a good size restroom. The tiny house hunt would probably be a pretty difficult time, because the tiny house might not have all the things i will want in a tiny house. My budget for a tiny house is $15,00 but the most i will go over my main budget is $20,00. This…show more content…
In this movable house the first thing that got my attention was the deck on top of the house. Walking into the house was not that great of a space but, the kitchen/ living room was small. The storage was great, I liked how there was storage everywhere in the restroom, and loft. Looking for the restroom was hard, when he opened a door that looked like a closet door. Bam! There was the restroom. We were surprised cause of the door, I didn't like it really doesn't give you that much privacy. The shower was the best part, it was a great size better than the showers then the first and second house. Also it had a toilet but the thing that changed my mind about the restroom was that there was no sink. Going up into the loft was the second best part it was big and it was tall, with the size of the bed I want and it still have more space in there. I was wondering where the door to the deck was. Then he told me that small door was the door to the deck. When we got up to the deck I could imagine me up here relaxing up here after college classes or after work. Or just up here with a friend or a family member sitting down up here
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