Essay About Titanic Sinking

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Result and Discussion
After researching, we know that the Titanic sinking caused more than 1500 people died. And the most important reasons of this is that the hull steel and the wrought iron rivets failed because of brittle fracture. As we know, there are three points to make the brittle fracture occurs without prior plastic deformation, they are low temperature, high impact loading, and high Sulphur content. So, when we choose the steel for the hull, especially when we know the ship will drive in a cold weather, it should be able to bear those problems. Titanic has sixteen major watertight compartments with the sealing off the compartments. It makes the Titanic sink slower. The sudden situation should be considered when design the lower section of the Titanic. If there are no sealing off the compartments, the ships that around Titanic may have enough time to find them and they can save the all of the passengers and crew. As the result, when we design or doing something, we should think about that if there are some sudden situation will make it be bad or have some bad effect. And find the problems that it may have to make it better.
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For the hull steel, the high-quality steel is better for hull steel, such as high ductility steels. The manufacturers could design a new rivet to make the body connect firmly. To avoid the effects of flooding following assumed hull damage caused by some external force, there should not be sealing off the compartments between the sixteen major watertight compartments. It will delay the Titanic sink for another 6 hours, it will give the ship that around the Titanic enough time to save the passengers and
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