Essay About Tourism In Hong Kong

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Hong Kong had become the Pearl of the Orient for decades ago; the name comes from the scenery of Hong Kong and created by the tourist who had visited Hong Kong before. The great lifestyle and the natural beauty of the city have attracted tourist from different nations. People from around the world want to enjoy the unique culture and scenery, they try their best to visit the place and have fun there. The tourism helps develop the tourist industry, but the tourist industry in Hong Kong had facing a serious problem in recent years, that’s lack of visitors from other nations. The problem facing by Hong Kong tourist industry is the shortage of visitors. Hong Kong had developed many years ago and became the one of the famous financial centre around the world.…show more content…
People from around the world have different cultural diversity, they have their own or special culture, those cultures may come from religious belief or other aspect. Some tourist may argue with the citizen when they have different opinions, like have a seat in the MTR or to go to the toilet on the street. Cultural conflict leads to reduction of tourist and cause declined in the industry. People in the city don’t welcome the tourist and they thought the tourist had brought some negative impact and affect their normal life. Moreover, there is a lack of attraction of the city. The place was only concentrated on the shopping and theme parks, it was outdated when compare to other countries near the city. Many Asian nations had well developed their own attraction, like K-pop culture in Korea and spa in Thailand. These are the main factors that cause the decline of visitors in Hong Kong. Under the above problem, the tourist industry in Hong Kong has been affected and declining in recent years. In order to solve the reduction of visitors of the city, there many solutions to settle the factors that cause the decline in the tourist
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