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Malaysia is a multi-cultural, multi-racial, and multi-religion country, the society of which the population is made up by various types of ethnic groups comprised of Malays, Chinese, Indian and the Native. In fact, different ethnic groups in Malaysia have their own history, culture, tradition, belief system, value and language, there is thus unity among different ethnics is vital in Malaysia. Since Malaysia is a multi-racial country, the citizen can experience a multitude of celebrations and festivals in a year. For instance, Malay will celebrate ‘Hari Raya Aidilfitri’ and ‘Hari Raya Haji’, but the month they celebrate the festivals is depend on the Islamic calendar. In addition, Chinese will celebrate ‘Chinese New Year’ usually on January or February and Mid-autumn festival on September. Besides, Indians celebrate the festival of ‘Thaipusam’ on January and ‘Deepavali’ on November. In this Malaysia Experiential Tourism assignment, the main purpose is to describe and share my experience on Bazaar…show more content…
The shape of the murtabak is similar roti canai which is in square shape, but the taste is totally different. The inner part of the murtabak is filled with minced meat (chicken, beef or mutton) along with garlic, egg and onion. It is eaten with curry or gravy, syrup-pickled onions, sliced cucumber, or tomato sauce. It is worth for me to queue for more than 10 minutes because it is very delicious. Other than murtabak, I also tried other popular food which is roti john. The concept of Roti john is similar to the concept of burger, but the bread that use for roti john is baguette-type loaf instead of bun. The minced meat, egg and chopped onions are first fried on a frying pan and then placed into the cavity of a baguette halved lengthwise. The whole baguette is then briefly pan-fried on the frying pan and then it is served after the baguette being cut into several

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