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Technological Aspect
The tourism industry in the Philippines is constantly growing as the Philippine is becoming a premier choice of vacation place of many tourists from all over the globe, according to the Philippine Department of Tourism or DOT in the year 2015. From January to October 2015 earnings from different tourism activities in the country grew by 8.24% that is aggregated to Php 186.89 billion from the Php 172.66 billion recorded in the same period of the year. A total record of 406,188 visitors via Air travel to the country, where Manila got the highest shares of 69.94% and by a volume of 288,294 visitors as it is the primary port of the country.
One of the biggest contributors of the tourism growth in the Philippines is technology thru modern innovation of constantly improving the hotel industry in the country. Most of the Hotels in the Philippines are fully committed in developing, innovating, and diversifying ways of converging new technologies that will improve the communications, operations, and marketing aspects of hotels to increase the efforts and competitive advantages in order to make a difference and a positive statement in the efficiency and customer satisfaction. According to the Business World Online, the rapid
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However, in the given chart below the industry shows that hotels and other accommodating establishments (1,650 total listed establishments) has only garnered 11% of the total market share compared to restaurants and other eating establishment (13,348 total listed establishments) occupied the majority of the total market share by tallying to

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