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Traditional arts such as traditional painting or folk songs should be made compulsory subjects at school. (FOR)

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We come from group8, we have Hao, Dat and me and the topic we picked is about Viet Nam traditional arts.
It is true that the history, culture and customs of a country can be expressed through books, magazines, internet, media and so on. But the closest means is via traditional arts such as traditianal paiting or folk songs. In VietNam, we have Dong Ho paiting, Hang Trong painting, we also have Cheo, Tuong, Cai Luong, Vong Co, Quan Ho Bac Ninh and a lot of other art forms. But it seems that our traditional arts are losing and in danger of being lost. So we believe that to preserve and develople our traditional
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There are several folk song traditions in Vietnam that express the strongly marked cultural differences among regions of the country and the preferences of rural people to live in the villages of their ancestors. Learn those folksong help student know about the culture of regions of VietNam. For example: Ly con sao, Ly keo chai..
Besides, there is a truth that almost Vietnam students do not like to study Vietnam history and customs because they’re fed up with reading the books that full of text. Meanwhile the content of traditional art are almost about the history, tradition and customs of Vietnam. So traditional art in here can play a role like a teaching history tool. Teachers can mainstream learning history via books with learning by performing Cheo, Tuong, Cai Luong plays.
For example, when learn about Hai Ba Trung, Cai Luong has a very famous play called Tieng Trong Me Linh, teacher should watch the plays then write a script for students to act, after atcing that play i believe that all of them will remember all the things related to Hai Ba Trung and Tieng Trong Me Linh this historical
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