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Traffic jam has been a very pressing problem for the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. Jakarta, being the major metropolitan city in Indonesia, has attracted people from all over the nation to settle down and look for better opportunities there. The city has experienced rapid urbanization all over the years, which resulted significant increase in the number of vehicles despite the sluggish development of the road. For decades, Jakarta has been one of the cities in the world with the worst traffic and the Indonesian government has been ignoring the issue until recently. The traffic problem in Jakarta has prompted other concerns to arise, which include air and noise pollution, energy waste and global warming. Furthermore, Indonesia has incurred a national loss of US$5 billion yearly due to the congestion in Jakarta alone, according to the Minister of National Development…show more content…
Based on the survey and research that I conducted, the majority of Indonesian citizens feel that the public transportation in Indonesia is unsafe. The public transportation in Indonesia is quite infamous as it is where criminals would commit misconduct, such as robbery, larceny and sexual harassment. However, prevention and response mechanisms often lack credibility and effectiveness. A survey by Thomson Reuters ranked Jakarta as having the fifth most dangerous public transportation systems for women. The survey that I conducted also reveals that the majority of women in Indonesia constantly experience verbal and physical harassment when using public transport and they are not confident that the authorities would investigate reports of harassment or assault. Thus, the Government needs to train and educate the police to actively combat criminal activity and implement better police

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