Essay About Traffic In Vietnam

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The traffic especially in big cities has become a nightmare to the people who have experienced it. It is always a hot topic which the press and mass media pay attention to the most. The traffic does not simply affect the transport only. It is also a bridge which makes the exchanges and communication in business more effectively. The traffic contributes a lot to the economy and development of the nation. It is even more important in modern cities like Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi.
Despite that, Vietnam’s traffic is always known as the most horrible one. The traffic in Vietnam especially in big city is one of the most frightful that you can even not imagine. The jumble of cars and motorbikes have made the people who have to deal with this traffic become a warrior on the road. Traffic have influence not only people’s life but also many general aspects of the country such as tourism and business. This sequel happens due to 3 main reasons: the transport system, the number of vehicles and the awareness of traffic attendees.
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Narrow roads full of vehicles with no room of movement are the special no one can deny since our traffic is well-known for motorcycles. In addition, government set up the law but people will not always take it. The traffic looks the most pleasant when people notices police ahead of them and this adds up to another problem – the inefficient control of traffic police. This is a mutual problem. The traffic attendees will comply with the law whenever the police appear and when there is no police, no laws for them to obey. In contrast, the police take this chance to fine anyone anytime whenever they feel want to. This set up a bad image of traffic police to
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