Essay About Traffic Problems In The Philippines

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Viewing all the data the researchers have gathered, the solutions to cure the illness with regards to transportation & traffic problems and poor waste management in the three biggest cities in Metropolitan Manila and the MMDA shows no clear positive results. The officials of MMDA themselves are not certain that these projects being implemented or that will be implemented will mend the holes in both transportation and waste management. Traffic congestions and traffic discipline are the two foremost reasons of traffic problems in Metro Manila. As a proposal to solve the problem in Transportation and Traffic Management, the researchers recommend that: • The Widening of Roads. The root of Traffic congestion starts when the number of vehicles traversing particular roads increased in numbers. The researchers proposed that the Local Government Units will allot more budgets with the widening of…show more content…
Following the model of Business Process Reengineering wherein (1) Separate, simple tasks are combined into skilled multi-functional jobs. The researchers think that instead of a partnership, the traffic bureaus and the MMDA may merge in order to effectively address various traffic problems. This will be an effective solution because first, the employees of both the traffic bureaus and the MMDA will join hand in hand to catch traffic violators. There will no longer be any distinction on who have the power to confiscate licenses. There might be a down-sizing on the number of employees however; the budget that could be saved from this may be allotted to other transportation and traffic management projects. The researchers do not expect this to happen that easily since a series of proper legislation must first be conducted because the Local Governments and MMDA has their own distinct personalities nevertheless, their functions were only one and the same: to provide basic services to the Filipino
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