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Not only do beautiful places exist in the fairy tales, but also in the real world. Travelling offers the opportunity to see the beauty of nature. We are constantly dreaming about our next trip and as a consequence of our permanent desire of travelling we search the Internet in order to find exciting destinations. As I have searched the Internet during the past few weeks I have discovered with astonishment many natural places which are beyond my wildest dreams. Although travelling can get expensive, it definitely involves a great number of benefits. A recent survey showed that travelling is a great educational and cultural experience and at the same time an extremely good alternative to release stress.
Nowadays, people do not travel as often as they
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The main objective of this journey is to discover outstanding natural places in the English Speaking World. THE GLOWWORM CAVES

Considering the fact that this research paper is a journey in the English Speaking World, I must begin by saying that the first destination we are going to discover and explore are the Glowworm Caves. After exploring the cave, let’s use a little bit our imagination in order to create a favourable atmosphere. Imagine the fact that we are floating on a small wooden boat through a mysterious cave. It is completely dark inside, but suddenly a blue glow is produced by millions of tiny, bioluminescent insects. No, we are not dreaming, we are in Waitomo, New Zealand.

Here we are in the New Zealand (an island country which is situated in the southwestern Pacific Ocean) ready to visit the Waitomo Glowworm Caves which are considered to be one of the most popular tourist attraction in New Zealand. Due to a popular belief the Glowworm Caves is considered to be one of the most beautiful natural wonders in New Zealand.

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