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Travelling to a new place is a wonderful experiences in our life. Travelling seems to be the best choice to relax after a hard-working day, tiring day or regular life. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of the word “travel” is making a journey, typically of the same length. Besides that, travelling is a very pleasant and enjoyable thing. Some people like to travel with companions and other people would prefer to travel alone. Both travelling alone and travelling with others can increase their knowledge in life but differ in safety aspects and their present financial condition while travelling to other places.

Regardless of travelling along or travelling with others, the purpose is to relax and heal many of our mental problems
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It is an actual fact that expense is weighty matter in the era of economic crisis. Conversely, travelling alone sounds convenient for those who enjoy the feeling of loneliness or more freedom but the journey might cost an arm and a leg. Furthermore, travelling with others might separate the money used evenly to each member. Thus, the cost covered such as entertainments, food and beverages, cost of hotel, transportation and other fees in the country with companions may the solution to the problem since it is based on shared values. Moreover, travelling with a companion reduces the cost of the trip. For instance, the travel packages for more than two persons are cheaper than a person travel packages and more discounts for an extra person. Apparently, before attempting to travel, people should contemplate which way of travelling is the most suitable for their present financial condition.

In conclusion, travelling alone or travelling with others has its own expense, safety and experience. Choosing to travel alone or with a companion depends on one’s tastes and goals of travelling. Moreover, although numerous people like to travel alone because of the more freedom they have,travelling with at least a companion is better for some reasons I have stated above. Travelling with a companion is safer and cheaper after

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