Essay About Trouble In Elementary School

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This is the story of when I used to get in trouble in elementary school with my friends and my girlfriend. I used to be a really bad kid in elementary school my old school when I was 8. I was a young trouble maker doing everything possible for attention, I was getting attention, but not in a good way. I loved to be the “clown” of the class I even got a reward for being a “clown” of the class. They used to make rewards for the biggest clown of the class, loudest of the class etc. These rewards made the whole class laugh, especially when I got mines as a “clown” of the class. I had fun with the teachers in elementary school as a kid, I even had a girlfriend at some point. My girlfriend in 3rd grade was named “Paris” she was also a “bad” girl just…show more content…
I was not smart at all at the moment, I didn’t think about what I was doing at all. The firefighters then came and questioned me after the neighbors saw smoke coming out of the woods. The firefighters came to my house and told me and my parents that I had to go to a class that was going to teach me a lesson on not to play with fire. That day my parents were so mad, they yelled at me and I dropped to tears. After that moment I regretted everything I did and I had to go to the fire classes everyday. The fire classes were so boring and exhausting, I knew that I wasn’t supposed to be there, because I knew better then to light a blanket on fire. But after a while me and my parents moved away to Woodbridge Virginia where I met new people, went to a new school, it was a whole new lifestyle. I never saw Paris again, I then learned a huge lesson at the age of 8, something I would’ve never imagined happened to me . Thanks to that moment, I now will never forget to use fire properly and not to play around with fire, it is no
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