Narrative Essay On True Friendship

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What is a true friendship? To me, it is an invaluable price that cannot be exchanged by anything. It makes us smile a lot when having it and cry a lot when losing it. Friends are rare and true friends are even more rare. I used to have a beautiful friendship, but I did not appreciate and lost it. That was the worst failure in my early life – a friendship failure.

It happened seven years ago, when I was in grade 4. Elbert Hubbard said that a friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you. I used to have a friend like that. She was the one who knew all my defects but still loved me, the one who always beside me when I needed, the one who made me feel this life was really beautiful, the one who was always ready to stay beside me when I had troubles and held my hand to pass it. Especially, she would never leave me alone in any situations.

However, it seems that if you can have something easily, you will
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That afternoon, I came to her house and surprisedly knew she had studied abroad. She left me a letter. After reading it, I realized that I had misunderstood her, she did not copied her deskmate 's test. She tried to study hard because of our bet. We bet that if she could rank first, I would stand a milk tea glass to her, but I had forgotten it because I thought it was just a joke and she would never be able to do it. At the time, my eyes were suddenly dewed by tears. I felt like my heart was going to sink into a hole of darkness. I must have trusted her, I must have been beside her and helped her overcome it. My head was tilted forward and bowed. A minion memories between her and me flashed through my mind. The tears continued rolling silently into my twitching lips, drop by drop, salty and cold. I realized that I had lost my beautiful friendship that I would never retrieve. I wanted to hear her voice, be teased by her, come home with her after school, and say sorry to her but everything was too

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