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Turkish people are very polite to their parents and to their culture. Turkish people are extremely patriotic. They are proud of their parent’s loving and caring way and their modern society .The family is the most important social unit in Turkey. Turkish people do not ask very personal questions until the friendship has been established. When the Turkish people start to eat, the oldest person has to eat first in the house. Turkish enjoys food and meal by relaxing and conversation. They usually like beef. Turkish people like to share meals. They usually like to bake and cook. If one of the people is unhappy and sad parents who are very busy they become less loving in their mind. Turkish people also use body languages for speaking. For example they never point sole of somebody foot…show more content…
They do not usually eat at restaurant. Most of the time they eat in home and they like homemade food. They usually like to eat their tradional food like Turkish delight. They are also very careful parents at the same time they are also strict parents in Turkey .If the child is young they care so much if the child become older they care less. Turkish people put families and relatives before everything and every family member is supported without questions. Turkish friendship can develop easily. Turkish people like to meet with friends and relatives. Turkish people don’t like guests if they stay over one week. The culture of Turkey combines heavily. Turkey is the only country that contains western and eastern culture. Males and females are also very gentle in Turkey. They respect each other. Official language is Turkish but in the there are many languages for example they don’t usually speak Ottoman Turkish and etc. Foreign women are very welcome and accepted in Turkey. Turkish people have small talks before they begin business discussions.I think Turkish also one of the respectful and gentle

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