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Twins Game Everyone should go to a Minnesota Twins game at Target Field at least once in their lifetime. The combination of the pregame activities, the newly built ballpark, the fans, and the game itself make it an exciting place to be. On a Saturday night during July 2015 the Twins hosted the Yankees. The game was sold out, and had a playoff like atmosphere even though it was only the regular season. Target Field is one of the nicest parks in all of baseball which makes for a tremendous atmosphere and experience. The pregame activities at the Twins game start hours before the game begins. Many fans will be tailgating all day long as they enjoy hanging out at the ballpark. The tailgating is very cool as the people will be grilling out, playing games, and listening to music. This is a cool experience before the game even begins. However, if tailgating is not your idea of a good time, you can still get to the game plenty early. The doors will open two hours prior to the start of the game, but you may walk around the outside and see everything. While walking around they have little shops and games set up for people before going into the ballpark. Once the doors open you can go in and watch the teams take batting practice on…show more content…
The twins had jumped out to a lead early on, and the fans were especially excited. The place was never quiet as the fans were all having a great time. As one of the more hated players in all of baseball, Alex Rodriguez, came up to bat the fans kept booing him. As they did this every time he came up to bat. Unfortunately for the Twins he hit three home runs in the same game, and lead the yankees to a 9th inning comeback win. The twins had the lead the entire game but they ended up giving up four runs in the last inning and losing by a final score of 8-5. It was a bummer that the Twins had lost to the Yankees, but this was one of the more exciting games of the
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