Essay About Typhoon Yolanda

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balloon-3185008_1920.jpg We 've heard countless stories of defeat and survival. We 've also witnessed numerous life threatening dangers and how people bounced back from lots of adversities & difficulties. We also have experienced traumatic episodes of tragedies & pain that changed our lives affecting how we deal with our inner monsters and external issues. Facing dangerous situations & significant amounts of stress can either build or destroy our psychological make-up. The way we adapt to certain life stressors & situational disadvantages plays a huge role in being emotionally & mentally strong. The way we bounce back from certain life challenges could reflect how we deal with our family,relationship,professional,financial and personal conflicts. On the 8th of November 2013,Philippines was hit by a super typhoon named Haiyan or known as "Typhoon Yolanda". It caused a massive damage to the Western Visayas Region particurly in Tacloban,City Leyte. The people who were affected by this super typhoon ranges from 14.4 million and killed almost 4,460 residents. It brought widespread devastation causing immense damage on livestocks,power lines,buildings and infrastractures. Typhoon Haiyan was considered by many as a very powerful typhoon in the country 's recorded history. Though I am from Cebu which is a neighboring…show more content…
It is uncontrollable that we get too emotional and even irrational in times of difficult life challenges since it could affect us psychologically but I believe that being resilient is a choice thus you can dictate your mind to be resilient. Some people may break down or give up getting drowned on suicidal thoughts or feelings of hopelessness but some people also would accept and move on. These type of individuals would adapt to these stressful situations over time & deals with hardship in a positive way.They are practically the winners of life aiming to recover their broken pieces and rises above through the debris and ashes of disappointment &
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