Essay About Undocumented Students

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The Truth about Undocumented Students in the United States The issue of undocumented immigrants and undocumented children has hardly been out of the news these past few years. The hot topic affects everyone from immigrants themselves to policymakers and US citizens. Undocumented immigrants have typically entered the United States without permission and have no legal right to remain in the country. Undocumented immigrants could be people with expired visas or paperwork, or immigrants in deportation procedure. Undocumented students are normally brought by parents or caregivers to America when they are very young. These children complete their schooling in the US and many young undocumented students are unaware of their status. It’s only when graduating high school that many find out that they do not automatically have the permission to pass into college. How Many Undocumented…show more content…
Because of the issues surrounding attendance at colleges in America without legal documentation, only around 5 to 10 percent of undocumented students at high school graduate and go on to college in the US (National Immigration Law Center). What is the Impact of Being Undocumented? It’s tough being an undocumented student. While a high school education up until grade 12 is available for undocumented students in the US, there are a number of legal and economic barriers for undocumented students to higher education. As a result, undocumented students do not enjoy the same educational opportunities, and therefore social and economic opportunities, as US citizens. Undocumented students find it more difficult to progress with their education in institutions in the US and therefore cannot access the high-quality education that is available to US citizens and residents. College Admission for Undocumented
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