Essay About Unemployment In The Philippines

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Being employed nowadays seems to be very crucial to ones life because if a person is employed, it means that he/she is receiving a certain pay for his/her labor. This will help them to provide and meet their family’s daily needs. However, there are some people who are unable to find a regular job because of certain reasons. This is where unemployment becomes a factor that contributes to poverty. Since unemployment creates a lack of financial stability, it will eventually lead to poverty. Due to this, those people who are unemployed will have a lower standard of living than those of the people who are employed. This is because they will suffer from lack of regular income to support their basic needs such as food, clothing and health care. This only shows that employment plays a very big role in addressing poverty since if many people will be employed, they will have enough money to be able to support their needs in life.
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One of which is the rapid population growth of a certain country. Philippines have an increase in job growth, but because of the rapid population growth, the available jobs cannot suffice the number of applicants thus, increasing the unemployment rate of the country. Another cause is the low educational attainment of an individual. It is proven on the statistics that most of the unemployed people are those with low educational attainments or those who are undergraduates. Being an undergraduate means that it will be harder to find a regular job since it reflects lack of skills, efficiency and capability of a certain person. Also, we’ve found out that the number of unemployed people can affect a country’s Gross Domestic Product or GDP. This is in a way that if fewer people have jobs, there will also be fewer goods and services to be produced thus, leading to a decrease in the

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