Ways To Reduce Unemployment Essay

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Unemployment is a chronic problem of our society, which hinders the progress of the population and places limits on the economic development of the country. In recent years there has been an increase in the rate of unemployment in El Salvador, which is alarming, since it impedes improving the living conditions of society. This is a problem that must be treated from the root, to be able to diminish its effects. In this context, a solution is proposed based on the study of aggregate demand, which was analyzed by Keynesianism.
In order to reduce the unemployment rate, it is possible to bet on increasing the aggregate demand, for which the intervention of the State through the expansive fiscal policy is necessary. This expansive fiscal policy implies the reduction of taxes and the increase of government spending.
Unemployment is a problem, the root of which may be involved, in the deficiencies of the country's education, because, due to the lack of complete educational training, job
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In the country, as the news reveals in recent days, there have been delays in customs, which involve a series of documentation, which has not allowed speeding the clearance of goods. If the companies of the country are delayed in their exports, they lose competitiveness abroad, which can be threatening for this economic agent, and can lead to cessation of operations, generating increases in unemployment. Although it seems unimportant to analyze the trade balance, as a source of solution for unemployment, it can be shown that its actions influence the unemployment rates of a country. It should be sought to implement technologies or mechanisms that allow the customs to execute the process of verification of merchandise in a more expeditious way, seeking not to affect the export operations carried out by the country's companies, and which are indispensable sources of income, for Its

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