University Education Vs University Life

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Another trait of mine is being spontaneous. I have never really liked following routines and being organized so I am a very adaptable person. The chronosystem refers to environmental events, the transitions and shifts of an individual in time . Two major events in my chronosystem would be immigrating from Hong Kong to Australia when I was 3 years old and then immigrating back to Hong Kong when I was 9 years old. Going through such a drastic change of environment twice at such a young age is one of the main reasons I have become a very adaptable and flexible person. Surrounding environments do not affect me greatly physically or mentally as I have already experienced being forced into a drastic environment change twice. In the hierarchy of…show more content…
However, is this the true meaning of university education and university life? While the meaning of university may be different to everyone and a meaningful university life will also differ from person to person. I believe that a meaningful university life is where you can grow in all aspects including personally, socially and academically. Opening up ourselves towards change for the better is important in my version of a meaningful university life. Making Choices and Decisions During our time in university, we make have to make a lot of choices that may greatly affect our future. For example, our area of major, our minor subject, which classes we should take and even if we should go to class at all. Because university is such a free place, with freedom comes with the pressure of choice. Different types of decisions can be reflected by different theories. For example, some less important choices like whether we should go to class or not. This is an id and ego conflict, where the instant gratification of not having to attend class is in conflict with the realistic need to attend class. On the other hand, there are some decisions that affect us in the long-term, like choosing our majors. These choices will have many more…show more content…
Self-efficacy is the personal judgments of one’s capability to organize and execute actions to attain designated goals (Bandura,1997). Those with high self-efficacy will be more confident in their own area of specialty, on the other side, one who has experienced a higher rate of incongruent experiences may doubt their choices more as previously they may not have been able to reach their goal easily so they will reconsider each choice they make. Also, we will often prefer to choose things that I am more in line with our interests. For example, I will have to choose my practicum in my major studies at the end of year 1, since my interest lies in editing and filming I would really like to choose creative media as my practicum, but my performance in the introductory course for this practicum was not excellent, therefore I have yet to gain the confidence to decide what practicum I should take. Personal stress and anxiety may also add to the factor especially if the problem is an important issue. When we are stressed, we may experience cognitive distortions where our brain focuses on the negative side more instead of the positive. This may delude our thoughts preventing us from making a rational

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