Essay On Summer Vacation In North America

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After the long work-year, most are exhausted from the daily grind. That's why many Americans dream of having a summer getaway. Those who choose to leave home often travel to Europe; the vast and culturally diverse continent across the Atlantic. While the allure of a European adventure will draw many to journey to the continent, North America is an alternative destination with several benefits. Considering the easy-accessibility and nature that our own continent has to offer, having your summer vacation in North America rather than Europe is preferable. One of the major reasons to stay in North America is the ease of accessibility. Europe is roughly four-thousand miles (give-or-take, depending on the start point) from North America. Flights to Europe from America can be eleven to twenty hours, depending on the destination. Such long flights are not desirable, comfortable or fun (especially if you have children who need to be kept happy and sane for that amount of time). Not to mention, flights of this duration can cost thousands of dollars per-person during the peak…show more content…
Currently, the United States of America alone has fifty-eight national parks, all with different (nonetheless spectacular) scenery to offer. Whether you want to watch animal migrations, climb snow-capped mountains, kayak, or just explore, North America's naturalistic sites can provide a wide range of memorable experiences and activities. There are the Redwood forests to the west, the Grand Canyon, and Niagara Falls in Canada. This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the beautiful nature you can see, the possibilities are quite large. Imagine falling asleep under the stars in the vast Arizona desert, or climbing to the peak of Pico de Orizaba in Mexico. These moments are irreplaceable; the sights that can be seen are truly magnificent and breathtaking. The nature destinations in North America are abundant and

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