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When you think about the magnificence of nature, what is the first image that comes to your mind? Tropical islands regard as a place of peace and pleasure. For instance, Cuba the largest island of the Caribbean area has diverse and marvelous natural resources. This country uses this resources to develop tourism. The beaches stand out as the principal touristic attraction especially Varadero beach. If you decide to have a perfect day together your family, can visit Varadero beach, where wonder awaits you. In this excellent touristic resort, people spend time at a fantastic sandy beach to relax and fun, they find several services inside its comfortable hotels or outside those, and at last, people perceive in Varadero beach a pleasurable tropical…show more content…
The north of the peninsula has twelve miles of sandy beach. The most extensive area extends 0.93 miles, and the narrowest is 0.31 miles. As a result, any hotel located on the peninsula is far away from the beach. However, the most modern and cozy hotels situated in Varadero are in the North of the peninsula through a continuing shoreline. There are more than fifty hotels located close to the beach which they offer the tourist a splendid view towards the sea. Most of the resorts are all-inclusive. This kind of tourist packages allows to the tourist to enjoy varied services such as beach bars, theaters, nightclubs, games rooms, exquisite restaurants among other facilities inside the hotel. On the other hand, outside hotels families can do a picnic in areas near the beach vegetation, under its shade, sharing together entertaining moments. They as well can buy delicious meal in some restaurants and cafeterias distributed through the city of Varadero. Moreover, Varadero has tree touristic marinas that offer a trip to the keys close to Varadero, Natural Park with caves and natural trails, aquarium, among other

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