Essay About Violence In School

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Violence in schools can be caused by numerous factors namely domestic abuse, overcrowded schools, gang activities, anger issues and more. Evidently there is not one main cause of this violence but it is a multifaceted issue that we have to carefully ascertain before we can have a handle on the problem. We can look at school violence from two perspectives, on individual or social risk factors. Some of the individual factors can be low self-esteem, performing badly in school which causes them to “act out”. On the other hand it can be social factors such as unstable home, domestic, physical or sexual abuse, exposure to weapons at home or in the community, involvement in gangs.
Violence in schools was not a critical and crucial problem in Trinidad
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In prior years school fights used to be mainly male involved but for the past two years we have been seeing a lot of female fights taking place in our nation’s schools. Dr. Tim Goopesingh noted that between 2009- 2010 they have had over three thousand, three hundred (3300) suspension for that school year alone; this shows that the upsurge in school violence is tremendously…show more content…
This exposure to violence can have psychological consequences for learning even if there are no noticeable changes in their reports of physical safety. Specifically, exposure to this type of violent environment is associated with emotional and cognitive stress as well as symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (Gorman-Smith and Tolan 1998; Mazza and Overstreet 2000; Ozer and Weinstein
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