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Voodoo is a blend of African animism, spiritism and indigenous religion. It is mainly practiced in West Africa and Haiti but is also practiced in Puerto Rico, Brazil, Cuba, The Dominican Republic and America. The beliefs can be a bit different in different schools and locations. The practical and ritual dimension of voodoo includes rituals like prayers, drumming, dancing, singing and animal sacrifice. Some main practices are magic, healing, candomblé, and Hoodoo which is African Folk magic. Candomblé is a practice which includes animal sacrifices, healing, dancing and drumming. Also some other practices are conjure and spiritism. Conjure is a practice in which spiritual wisdom is passed down from generation to generation. Now I am writing…show more content…
The voodoo community is unorganized. Priests play a big role in voodoo community; they act as counselors, healers and expert protectors against witchcraft and sorcery. Both men and women can be priests. The priests are called papa or houngan and the priestesses are called mama or mambo. Now I will write about the ethical and legal dimension. The practices in voodoo are used to cure addiction problems or to prevent burglary and other kind of bad situations. The dolls and magic should not be used for cursing instead they are used for blessing. Also everyone should get what they deserve in life. Lastly I will talk about the experiental and emotional dimension. The practices and rituals in voodoo might look scary to other people, because the person who the spirit is communicating with is in a trance state. The practices might also feel a bit dramatic and scary. People think that voodoo is all about putting curses or spells on people and sticking needless on voodoo dolls to hearth the other person. But the magic and dolls are used for blessing people. Harrison states that how “a Haitian child is made to understand immediately that everything that happens is due to the spirits.” (Harrison, Lawrence E.) There is no sin in voodoo since everything happens because the spirits control

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