Audie Murphy: A True Hero

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The majority of authors or movie writers have one common factor; they have a hero somewhere in the plot. Ask a friend to summarize a favorite movie or book. They could easily point out who the hero or villain is. However, heroes do not only exist in movies or in books, but they exist in real life. Despite our culture’s fascination with Marvel Comics and DC Comics, we most commonly hear about war heroes.While the definition of a hero varies, I personally deem a hero as a person who is selfless, noble, or outstandingly courageous. The people who clearly put others before themselves despite any means or consequences. Ruby Bradley, an Army surgical nurse, was captured three weeks after the Pearl Harbor bombing. She became a prisoner of war in…show more content…
The Battle of Holtzwihr thus is a significant battle for many Americans, but especially for those in Audie Murphy’s unit. Audie, a nineteen year old lead ten older men into battle, however the unexpected happened to them; They were surprised by an attack against a large German squad of 250. Young Audie Murphy knew their chances of surviving were very low, however, that did not stop him from trying with all he had to keep his men safe. Murphy instructed his men to retreat into the tree line while he phoned the Allied artillery. Yet, nearby a shell from the opposing side hit a tank destroyer and set it ablaze, Murphy without thinking jumped on the destroyer and began to use its machine gun turret which happened to still be intact. Even though he was still on the phone he continued firing at the Nazi troops, leaving disastrous damage. Audie was exceptionally young , nevertheless he showed determination to keep his men safe from the German’s fire even if it meant jeopardizing his own well being. His loyalty to his unit and his noble act in this battle earned him a Medal of Honor which I believe he rightfully deserved due to his heroic…show more content…
Hall sought a career with the State Department and worked for an American embassy in Turkey, however due to an accident she had with a hunting weapon her leg was amputated. She thought the State Department would not hire her again because of her disability so she enlisted in the French Army as an ambulance driver. As an ambulance driver however she was inspired to help the Jewish escape from the monstrous actions of the Nazis’, there fore she joined the British Resistance as a spy. The Gestapo's quickly learned about the “Limping Lady” providing agents with supplies but that did not prevent her from continuing in the espionage organization. I chose Virginia Hall as my hero of choice mainly due to the fact that she put herself out there despite her disability and she did not want to be publicly credited with an award because of her loyalty to the workforce. Most people, even nowadays, would let such a tragic event stop them from living the same way they were before, but Hall did not. Overall, Hall is a inspiringly brave female hero who did not seek out attention for her actions which makes her all the

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