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Water Related issues
All over the world, the water issues are of high significance since they have a direct impact on the human’s health, and plenty of people die due to the low quality of water. It is a well-known fact that soil and water pollution provoke the significant number of deaths in the world since all people consume water and grow food. Thus, the quality of water and soil is directly related to the human’s health. What is more, even if a person can live couple days without food, water is vital for survival every day. Despite the fact that the water issue is so crucial, the world’s government is still focused more on the air pollution. Therefore, it should be mentioned that the state officials should pay more attention to water pollution due to the fact that in the developing countries plenty of people are dying due to water shortages.
Water has become one of the most significant elements in the development process of all countries since it is essential for maintaining of an adequate productive
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The unimpeded access to safe and clean water is likely to improve people’s health and increase the ability to fight disease. Therefore, with the help of clean water, plenty of people will remain healthy without vaccine and antibiotics that are frequently utilized to combat such diseases as cholera, diarrhea, and leptospirosis. Thanks to potable water, such types of diseases will merely disappear. In addition, plenty of women have to collect water every day in order to survive. It was esteemed that women are wondering in search of water for almost six hours every day. With the help of water supply system, women will not be obliged to lift and carry heavy loads of water every day. Thus, this matter is likely to improve people’s health and reduce physical injuries connected with water

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