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Abstract: The report is about the finding the water issues in China. I search the information on the internet and library and then analysis them and write a report about how to fix the water problems in China. such as uneven distribution of water and water pollution. China government can use the south to north project to solve the local water problems, and also the project can stimulate the local economy to gross. And we can know the background information about the water condition in China and what is water scarcity. And I think the south to north water diversion can help China to fix uneven water distribution. And also the project can help local place to improve the economy and improve people’s lives.

Introduction: The purpose of the report is that I want to find the main water issues in China such as water pollution and distribution of water resources. And Last I want to find the solution to solve the problems. Water scarcity is both a natural phenomenon and an artificial phenomenon. There is enough fresh water on the earth for seven billion people, but not
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The distribution of fresh water is caused by the climate and terrain. The north China is the place always has drought weathers, and the main river Yellow River can’t be used as the source of fresh water because it is full of sand. In the south China, the place like Jiangsu Zhejiang and Shanghai, they often have many rain days and the biggest river Yangtze River is in the south China. So that compare with the north China, south China has too much water source, sometime the flood happened there. The water pollution happened because after the reform and opening-up policy, the China have more and more factory, so there are much water needed by the factories. So that Chinese government should take a project to solve the water problems in China to make sure about the factories have no

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