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Water is the only natural commodity on Earth that has no other substitute where all life forms depend for maintenance and survival. It also plays a significant role in various human activities. Water resource is very abundant on the planet but because of rapid urban development and high population, water consumption is dramatically increasing especially the demand for domestic water use. Because of this, water resources are slowly depleting which has resulted in water scarcity in certain areas around the globe. Water scarcity is one of the major environmental predicaments that the world is facing at the present and the Philippines is not spared from that. According to the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration or PAGASA, the Philippines may experience water crisis by 2020. Moreover, provinces in Luzon like Cavite will eventually suffer from water scarcity by the end of 2018 due to the decrease of water resources in highland areas such as City of Dasmariñas and Silang, based from…show more content…
The said activities reduce the water infiltration into the ground surface hence producing surface runoffs that flow into channels and streams which may carry contaminants that might pollute the surface water. In addition to the increasing of impermeability, removal of soil and vegetation, and grading the land surface escalate the amount of runoff volumes (Novak, Giesen, & DeBusk, 2014). As a watershed is developed and urbanized, a large amount of the vegetation is being replaced by impermeable surfaces, thus reducing the zone where intrusion to groundwater can occur. In result to this, more stormwater runoff is being produced – runoff that necessarily be collected by extensive drainage system (USGS,

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