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When watching "Waterboy" starring Adam Sandler as Bobby Boucher Jr. you can assume its a comedy. "Waterboy is a movie about a high school with all the normal expectations people have about the sports and students except the fact that the water boy at the football games is in his 30s. The football players have their jokes with Bobby and their pranks but what they don 't know is, is that Bobby has major built up anger that will soon help him be a more talented player on the team than any of them. The dumb guy everyone always thought he was ended up being able to plan the most genius attacks on the other team and go through with it to win multiple games. The whole twist ofd the story is how he grew up to be where he is now. His mom raised him in a way most parenta don 't raise their kids, he grew up believeing everything she said instead of learning what was really right. Life hit him really hard through the days reality started kicking in. The success of the movie is shown…show more content…
88% of google users said they liked the movie. The reasons for its popularity have alot to do with the famous actor Adam Sandler who is seen in many other popular movies like; "Billy Madison" which is another movie with him in school when he 's to old to be in it and he has to re take every grade including kindergarden in 24 weeks, "Happy Gilmore" wehich is a movie where Adam Sandler plays a guy who wants to become a famous hockey player but ends uyp being able to beat some of the best golf players and becomes a famous golfer instead, and then there is "Big Daddy" and it is a movie about a man (Adam Sandler) who gets a kid dropped off at his door that he takes full reponsibilty over even though its not even his. These are just some of the movies he is in. The "Waterboy" shows viewers to expect the unexpected and not to assume someone isnt great just because they arent good at
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