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world most iconic wedding dresses in the fashion history

Your bridal dress will make you feel like a princess…

Every woman’s biggest dream in life is to look gorgeous in the wedding dress. Walking down the aisle, wearing a dress which can attract each and every person will be the happiest incident in life. But finding the most suitable one will be the hardest part.

There are some weddings in the world history which are we can never forget. Most exciting and the most beautiful dresses are still incredibly famous.

So Satyn suggests you to check out the below styles which stood out in the fashion history and get some good ideas on your wedding dress.

Diana, Princess of Wales
It was called as the “wedding of the century”. On July 29th 1981, it was the royal wedding of Prince Charles and the beautiful
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This gorgeous Hollywood actress’s wedding dress still has an iconic image and still it get admired by many of the world famous designers. This fairy princess dress was made of ivory silk and delicate lace adorned with thousands of pearls.

Sarah Jessica Parker in the romantic comedy, Sex and the City
Of course the film “sex and the city” brought out an elegant wedding dress fashion to the world by the extravagant wedding dress of Carrie Bradshaw. The dress was beyond the styles in the fashion world then. It was designed by Vivienne Westwood, who was an outstanding dress designer and this dress was perfectly suitable for the heroine character in the film.

Jacqueline Kennedy
In 1953, Rhode Islands, Jacqueline Kennedy was bringing up another wonderful style of a wedding dress to the fashion world. That was at the wedding ceremony of her and then U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy. The future first lady looked so stunning in an off-shoulder wedding gown and with a long elegant veil.


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