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You should not only know much about the end game but also know much about how it came about. It's your choice from here on out to live a well self-designed life and realize the secret to happiness. Take necessary steps to transform your life accordingly because life is too short. Knowing a lot about yourself should be the first step to getting what you want in your life. Wise plans will help you do what you believe in, and spend your valuable time and energy getting what you want out of life; not wasting them on doing things you shouldn’t be doing. Who really knows best what you want in your life? Is it all of those people in your family, classmates, colleagues, teammates, neighbours, close friends, people where you go for training, your boss?…show more content…
Once I did share pieces of my book with friends and family, I found that most people were very supportive, thought my writing was great, and weren’t all that surprised I had created it. Do not be alone in the struggle. Have a support network to help you achieve what you would like to do in your life. I shared my initial idea with them and found the satisfactory support I needed. It was an incredible feeling to realize that the support network I needed was very much in full force. I’m a lucky boy because I know that I’m part of something much bigger than myself.

That being said, I’ve learned that sharing your work can be a pretty great thing. I met some helpful people who share my values and interests. Today, one of my true heroes, motivators and personal role models for business leadership is Michael Amushelelo. To the best of my knowledge, he is one of Namibia’s top social activists who sow seeds that benefit others. Moreover, he helps people move forward and treats most of them, rich or poor, with respect. Your life is about contributing to others by setting personal and professional goals that will give them the life they really

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