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New Jersey winters are harsh. Not only are they cold, but they are also filled with snow. As anyone who has endured a Jersey winter can attest, with the snow and ice, comes lots of salt. Although the snow and salt are an inevitable part of any winter, those elements can wreak havoc on wood floors. Before the next nasty winter causes your family and friends to traipse through your house leaving snow and salt everywhere, take some of these precautions to help save your floors from these common winter elements.
Treat Your Floor With a Protectant
If it has not already been done, treat your floor with a commercial protectant. To add this level of protection to your floors, just follow these steps:
Wax the floor (skip this step if you have a surface finish)
Apply a polyurethane sealant or varnish with a paint brush
Allow to dry thoroughly
Consult with a professional if you are unsure if this method is safe for your floors
For complete instructions for applying a protective seal on your wood floor, click here.
Use Floor
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Simply sweeping it up can easily cause scratches that you can only remove be sanding them out. So, a better option is to vacuum the salt off of the floor. If you cannot vacuum the salt up, then use a traditional broom to get the job done. Avoid using “Swiffer”-type sweepers, as the salt can get trapped under the head of the sweeper and cause even more scratching on your floor.
Make This Easy Cleaning Mixture
Do not be perplexed at how to get those nasty snow and salt stains off of your wood floor without damaging it. A great solution is to make this easy cleaning mixture that is both tough on the stains and gentle on the floor.
Put equal parts of vinegar and water into a bucket
Soak the stained areas with the mixture for two-three minutes
Wipe the mixture off of the floor with a clean rag that has been soaked in clean, warm water
Dry the floor thoroughly.
Be Mindful of Your Floor

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