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Women Empowerment: The Road to Gender Equality Since time immemorial, men and women have been regarded differently by the society. The norms attached to a particular gender have arisen from their physical characteristics that enable them to do distinct tasks. Having greater bodily strength, men were deemed as superior to women by many. These misconceptions and stereotypes have been propagated and applied to social structures, statuses, and roles. Due to this, females have been treated as second-class citizens. However, actions are now being taken to emancipate them. In the Philippine context, the efforts made to empower women economically and politically in the past 30 years have alleviated gender inequalities through feminization of the labor market, enactment of legislation to promote women’s rights, and contribution of non-governmental organizations.…show more content…
Starting from President Corazon Aquino’s administration, significant changes have happened in the Philippine society through her efforts. Having elected a female into presidency itself has given Filipinas confidence in themselves and respect from others. More than that, she has also endeavored to advance the situation of women. She has established the Philippine Development Plan for Women which has been continued by President Fidel V. Ramos (NSO 6). This has been strived to put into actualization for the following years until present. Led by the National Commission on the role of Filipino Women and National Economic Development Authority, it has attempted to integrate Gender and Development (GAD) concerns in all government agencies and corporations. Looking into various sectors, the framework has put forthcoming issues into prospect. With this analysis, it has come up with possible solutions to ensure that women are being empowered. Gradually, its vision is being put into

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