Essay About Women In The 1920's

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In the 1920s and 30s, men did not treat women with much respect, and men did not allow women to do anything, other than be a housewife. Men took charge of women, and if women did earn any money their husband would take it away from them. Women did not have any rights, and nothing was done to change that for a long time. As women did not have a say, they continued to do as they were told and lacked a voice. However, the lives of women did improve during the 1920s and 1930s. As technology improved over time, there was better labour opportunities for women, and women were allowed to be a part of the political world. As technology started to develop, it saved women time, and made life easier for them. As the Toronto Press stated, "The…show more content…
As written, "Many women accepted lower wages, and they sometimes found jobs when men could not. Some women left husbands at home to keep house, while they went out to work long hours for $3 or $4 a week" (Bogle, 2000). Women were really desperate for work, so women did any job they could find, and women accepted any pay given. Next, as an article called "On Wages for Women" says, "Laws enabling the establishment of minimum rates of wages for the employment of women have been passed in all the provinces but New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island" ("On Wages for Women", 1923). As women were getting more involved with the workforce, stricter laws were being passed, and there was a minimum wage for women in most provinces. Moving on, Collin wrote, "Life was good for those with work, and it seemed to be getting better year by year" (Bain, 2005). As more women were starting to work, they were earning money, and life was getting better for them because they were able to afford more. Working women were at a point where they were overtaking the population of working men. Since people were starting to accept more women, they’re working habits got better, more women were being employed, they were earning more money, and they were trying to fulfill their
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