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I had always loved the idea of working in a warehouse, even before I was old enough to be employed by one. This work can be compared to the ‘Behind the scenes’ of moving products to the stores for customers in a timely manner. Working in a warehouse is very important and challenging. For the majority of the year, warehouses are busy, with little to no down time. The market is very competitive, with no opportunity for mistakes. There are a few experiences of working in a warehouse that have taught me pronounced work ethic and skills I will need in the future. I started my warehouse career when I was eighteen, which is the age limit because of the dangers working with heavy equipment. A friend, currently working at U.S Foods, helped me land a job there. I was excited, because I knew this was the start of a new journey in my life, with many great opportunities ahead. There was a lot to take in my first day; understanding the ways a warehouse is run. There are many projects going…show more content…
Distribution centers are the foundation of a supply network. They supply products to many of their stores, helping to stock a variety of products that certain stores are not selling. Instead of sending them straight to the store, the distribution center can stock many different products and send them the stores that are successful with that specific product to increase sells and eliminate losses. Another interesting fact is that while distribution centers are a huge factor in success and profit of a company, they can only lose money. Their main objective is the storage to always have products the guests want on hand, meanwhile not overloading the stores. An immense lesson I learned was, the phrase “Supply and Demand” which means giving the guest what they want, when they want, and on time. Learning the business side was a great learning

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