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What all goes into writing a song? How did the artist come up with that idea? What was going through their head? Writing a song can be a long process. For some artist it can take up to three months to write a song, for others they can write a song in five minutes or less. It all depends on who the artist is and if they are inspired to write or not.
A song is like a three minute story. There’s a beginning, a middle, and of course an end. The main purpose of a song is to tell that story, whether it is about love, heartbreak, bad times, good times, it is a story that is being told. Music in general touches everyone, but too many there will always be that one song that they can really connect with. That “story” is their story.
The first step in writing a song is simple, a songwriter needs to know what they want to write about. For most it is easiest to write about something they have experienced. A famous singer/songwriter is Taylor Swift.
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A song usually has two verses, some may have more. The verse is the beginning of the “story”. The verse is where the majority of the song is being told. A verse is the longest part of any song because it is the part that explain or tells the most. You are setting the theme to the song in your verse. Then you add a chorus and a bridge to completely tell your story.
The most important part to any song is the chorus. The chorus is the part of the song that is repeated after each verse. The chorus is the part of the song that gets stuck in most people’s head, it is the catchy part. The chorus can make or break a song. The verse and bridge of a song can be incredible but if the chorus is weak then it will throw the whole song off. The main purpose of a chorus is to tie the first and second verse together, in a sense it is the middle part of the “story”. A chorus does not need to rhyme but most do because most artists want their songs to get stuck in your
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