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Throughout my academic years I have been taught many different styles of writing and within those years I have been able to determine my strengths and weakness in my writing. My daily writing consists of texting, writing lists, and school work. I use these writing styles for school, as a way to set reminders and as a form of communication to my friends and family. For the most part, I prefer to use pencil and paper when I write. Even though, I do like typing on my computer and phone, I believe that when writing on a plain piece of lined paper my ideas flow better. First, in school I learned many different ways of writing; either as essays, assignments, or notes. My favorite type of writing in school is notes because I love to organize the material I have learned. I believe that the best way of retaining information is by writing down the material right after you hear it. By writing down the material you…show more content…
Once in a while I will use email for school to contact my teachers when I have a question. As for outside the academic world, I spend my time writing to-do lists and communicating by social media including: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Unfortunately, I tend to forgot tasks throughout my day, and writing them down on a piece of paper or on my phone helps me remember. For instance, homework assignments, studying, groceries, or chores. It is daily writing necessity that I can’t be organized without. I use these social platforms to communicate with my friends and family to share memories. Even though I have been exposed to many styles of writing I still struggle with it. Furthermore, my expectations for this class to learn how to use proper grammar and punctuation. I have always had trouble choosing the correct punctuation and using more sophisticated words in my writing. There are many styles of writing that I have been experienced too, and it will always impact my everyday
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