Argumentative Essay: Traditional School Vs. Year-Round School

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Traditional school versus Year round school The idea of year round school is starting to be more the topic of discussion. Many people are for the idea of year round education and many are against it. “If our country began on a year around schedule, it would have seemed bizarre to propose the summer- off schedule as a superior way to educate students” says Principle Hazel Colebank. Although some may feel year round school is great for bettering education, changing what’s considered normal could cause more harm than good. Year round school should not be used in today’s school, because it threatens family plans, teacher and student burnouts, and may become costly. A child’s development is based on different experiences that sometimes can only be experienced through family time and not sitting in a classroom. Many families plan vacations during the summer. Some even sending children to camps that may give them another experience that school doesn’t offer. Some children come from separated families where summer vacation may allow a child to spend time with another…show more content…
Year round school benefit is for a child not to have a lapse in learning or remembering what they’ve learned. That’s when the parents or guardians need’s to step in to continue educational learning. Teachers alone can’t be responsible for the education others need to play their part. Just because summer vacation has started doesn’t mean learning should have stopped. Since year round schooling isn’t what’s normal adjusting could be difficult. In all situations there are pros and cons to everything. Everyone’s life and situation is different what works for some may not work for others. With diligence and a well thought out plan anything is possible. Family matters, burnouts matters, and the cost matters. If those things are taken into consideration year round school could work, but never be
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