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Within Nigeria, there are various types of ethnic groups, all speaking different languages with different culture. However, one of the largest ethnic groups of Nigeria and even Africa, are the Yoruba people. These people live in West Africa, for the most part, in Southwestern Nigeria, taking up twenty six percent of Nigeria’s population, but also in Benin and Togo. Together, this area is identified as Yorubaland. This area is filled with tropical, coastal vegetation, swamp flats, forests, and farm lands. Yoruba people are not necessarily one individual group, but instead, a cluster of various people that have joined together based off of similar rituals, languages and culture. They are passionate about their religion; a verse
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They can be found living in the city as well as the countryside working on the farm. Some common things that the men would farm in Yoruboland, would be yam, corn and cocoa. It is ordinary to find men who combine city and rural work, living in city for one half of the year and in the country for the other half. It would be more likely to find a woman working in the market within the town rather on the farm. This strategy must be working quite well for them considering they have been the most dominant ethnic group in Africa for quite some time. Something that differentiates their culture from any other culture could be their multiple types of art, such as, pottery, drumming, beadwork, weaving, and creating shrines to worship their god’s and honour their ancestors. Yoruba’s are passionate about their rituals and beliefs and they are able to show this through their artwork. Around forty percent of these people are committed to the religion of Islam, another forty percent dedicated to Christianity, and the last twenty percent worship the traditional Yoruba religion which consists of a large amount of different gods such as, Shango, god of thunder and lightning, Ogun, god of iron and war, and a many others as
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