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Younglife camp is a life long journey that starts for most in high school, focused on building a relationship with God through fun and games. It was the start of a culture that I was introduced to though some of my best friends. With the community at camp, the relationships with God and other during and after camps and the post camp life that everyone want to go back to camp and not live in the reality. Younglife camp is its own little culture and its own little way of life. Getting on the bus to go to a younglife camp is where it all starts, sitting with the people you know and worrying about not talking to any people from back home for a whole weekend or week. Whether it’s a long bus ride or just a couple hours it’s a chance…show more content…
The community at camp may be weak toward the beginning but as the week goes on usually by the night time of the first night it is the best that I can get everyone is so friendly and nice there. As I said there is fun and games but also serious time which is at club and a thing we call cabin time. To start with club is usually every ones favorite part of camp, to give a run down on it everyone runs in all at once and just starts to sing well let me take that back scream at the top of there lungs, after we play a game are too that is always really funny and sometimes even embarrassing for some. Afterwards it’s time to all sit down as a group of all of camp and a speaker gives a talk about God starting with an intro in to the life of a Christian. Everyone is always paying fully attention to it and actually listens to it. As we leave club and go back to our cabin that we stay in we sit down as a cabin all together with guys from our cabin and have a thing we like to call cabin time, where we talk about the club talk and the leader answers questions
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