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A zoo is a limited place where animals live in and are shown for people to visit. For a thousand years, people have kept wildlife in the zoo and it is becoming a common place for keeping animals. Nowadays, there are over 10,000 zoos all around the world and the number tends to rise gradually (National Geographic Organization). It is generally agreed that zoos are the best place for animals. In a zoo, people can spend time with their family or their friends because zoos also have many attractions for the visitors. For example, animal shows, an aquarium, and a snow dome. But at the same time, zoos are insecure for animals and infringe on the animal rights. Animals in zoos are forced to live in a stressful…show more content…
In the wild, animals have a high risk to die from many dangers, for example, the predator, habitat loss, and human hunting. On the other hand, they are protected from the dangers and safe in a captivity that zoos provide. An example of this is the only one Pinta giant tortoise in the world, George, was kept in San Diego Zoo safely for 40 years (Galapagos Conservancy Organization). Equally important, zoos can also protect animals from some factors that generally occur in a wild, such as the weather and climate change. Animals in zoos, such as the seals and sea lions are protected from both the cold in the winter and heat in the summer. Also, there is an air conditioned opening when they need a cold. What is more, if they need a high temperature, the zoo will heat the rocks in their pools that can prevent them from the danger of ice defrosting in the natural habitat (Block). Opponents of this idea maintain that keeping animals in zoos is harmful and can affect animal’s health. Most people consider that zoos are not a suitable place for animals to live. As in the following examples, the food, the environment, and the

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