Death Penalty Argumentative Essay

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Waiting in a prison cell for many years, an inmate in death row doesn’t know when his life will come to an end. This is a law under the U.S. government that is allowed to kill people who have committed a crime that’s grave enough. If someone commits a capital crime, they will be punished legally under the law. Taking a rope to the neck, or charging volts to the brain, it’s what people are fighting against today. Organizations are taking action against the death penalty by researching, publishing, and exposing facts whenever officials want to abuse their power with the law. When the final sentence is being decided, the system they use to determine, is very flawed. The sentence is determined not by the gravity of the crime, but depending heavily on the person’s lawyer. Another thing that is used against the defendant, is race. As sad as using race to determine when someone else’s life is going to end sounds, officials really do that. On top of the corrupted method officials use, the people being sent to death sentence have an extremely high risk of experiencing intense pain during the execution. The death sentence decisions and methods aren’t being placed in good hands, and cause humans to suffer more pain than they deserve.…show more content…
Daniel Frank was the first person to be legally executed, he was sentenced to death for theft. (Michael Par. 7). Being executed for theft really was extreme, and the government later made the execution method to be used for more grave crimes. Many states years after decided to abolish capital punishment, and eventually legalized it again. Though execution has been considered inhuman, it did lower the crime rates for the crimes that would be categorized for execution. As an effect, this also led to less people being executed due to the fear of the
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