Essay Against Gun Control Laws

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The USA needs tighter gun laws
The United States just last year had 385 mass shooting (that’s defined as a shooting where 4 or more are injured or killed), that’s more mass shootings then there are days in a year. Still, Americans cling on to the idea that an ordinary citizen needs access to a military grade assault rifle, whose sole purpose is to be efficient at killing people. What’s even more frightening is the fact that America’s President, newly into office has made his stance on gun control quite clear by saying “I am against gun control”. In an age of mass education and with the ability to instantaneously communicate, it is time that America, once the centre of change, moves with the times and begins changing laws that are based around
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However, their argument is proved false by the overwhelming evidence which suggests otherwise. One such piece of evidence was described in a review by Hepburn and Hemenway published in the Journal Aggression and Violent behaviour in 2002, a massive review of all previous studies on the links between the access to guns and the rate of gun violence in US states. The evidence overwhelmingly showed a clear link with the authors stating in their abstract- and I quote “The research suggests that households with firearms are at higher risk for homicide, and there is no net beneficial effect of firearm ownership.” For a large scale example of the effectiveness of gun control, look no further than our very own country. On the 28th of April 1996 Australia suffered the 3rd worst mass shooting to date, leading to the deaths of 35 people. This led to a strict gun control policy. Surprisingly, the related legislation was proposed and passed by a conservative government. The laws were passed unopposed. Since then Australia has had 0 mass shootings (again defined as a shooting where 4 or more are killed or injured). In 20 years Australia has had no mass shootings and in just one year the US had 385.The evidence is overwhelming in the favour gun control; it is time Americans accept

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