Essay Against Lowering The Drinking Age

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In recent conversation, the United States alcoholism has become one of its modest problems. People believe that the drinking age is set appropriately at 21 years of age. Here and now, the behavior of teens who denote the drinking age have argued that while it may be true that it should be changed to 18, believing that it will reduce the attraction of underage drinkers. The drinking age should not be altered with for three important reasons. First of all, it causes harmful medical complications. Which will only cause more damage to younger teens, if the drinking age is lowered. Also when alcohol is consumed the risk to commit date rape is more common. Finally the fatalities that are caused from drinking and committing DUI’s. Nevertheless, alcohol…show more content…
Poor performance in work, and in school has increased due to alcohol consumption. Alcohol is implicated in more than 40 percent of all college academic problems and in 28 percent of all college dropouts. (3) When consuming alcohol it increases the incapability of an teenagers brain to function properly in the classroom. Moreover this effect will cost them valuable time in the classroom, that is needed to be attentive. Teens in school who are under age to drink are more likely to act disobedient in school, and say that school is a waste of time. Among high school students, those who use alcohol are five times more likely to drop out than those who don 't use alcohol. (4) Not only does it increase the incapability to be unresponsive in school, but alcohol increases the likelihood of creating an unbalanced emotional state to. Besides from the physical effects of alcohol it can lead to a teen being emotionally unstable. They will begin to withdraw from family and friends, and if children are involved, they will begin to exclude them too. (5) Also contemplating on how to handle a relationship will grow harder and harder, as long as alcohol is involved. However, some people say that the legal age should be lowered, because it diminishes the thrill of breaking the law to get a drink. This argument falls apart when one considers that more 18 year olds will be exposed to doing dangerous
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