Essay Against Police Brutality

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Stop Police Brutality for Good! Police Brutality continues to get worse as time goes on; In fact, “The number of people killed by police so far in 2015 are 470”. (Angel Guardian). People might not hear much of it on television or on the local newspaper simply because the government does not want to portray themselves as bad people. Consequently, people are suffering injustice and some are even losing their lives simply because people holding a “badge” believe they have more power than someone who doesn’t hold one. But there are many options to incorporporate to help minimize or completely stop Police Brutality. Everything could be solved and settled in a courtroom. Police Officers should be required and be mandatory to wear a video camera on their chest to capture every incident the encounter. “Video recorded by body cams protect any…show more content…
This gradually shows this solution is quite feasible and body cameras can easily become as standard equipment for all Police Departments in the America. As seen this solution can easily bring down the rate of police brutality, Police Officers will now be less likely to make any errors or any incorrect actions. This is the only way that Police Officers would fall back on any attempts of brutality. Having a video that a judge could physically see and see for himself how the situation happened could really save time in a courtroom and cut the expenses on having to go on trial and longer court times. All the evidence that would be needed, would all be on the video that was recorded. Solutions that have been attempted before are people just go out to the streets and protest against it, but no one chooses to listen. Many people don’t consider it a big deal simply because they have not yet been victims of Police Brutality. Police Officer’s jobs are to protect citizens and the community. Many people now don’t know whether to call the Police when they’re in trouble or call someone else. Many people are now

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