Should We Get Rid Of School Uniforms Essay

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Young people, especially teenage students, struggle with ‘labels’ and their identity. At this age, is it beneficial to give them school uniforms? Or will they do more harm than good? Modern school uniforms have been around since the 16th century, and have since become associated with private schools and the upper class. As more schools adopt school uniforms, people are questioning if school uniforms are even necessary. I, for one, strongly believe that we should get rid of school uniforms.
For one, school uniforms prevent self expression and individuality. If all boys must wear the same thing and all girls must wear the same thing, is there any room left for individuality? Giving students little to no choice about their clothing makes for a mass of children with barely any ability to express themselves. Giving a school full of children one or two kinds of things to wear does not create unique individuals -- it creates labeled groups with little distinction between them. Many people use their clothes as an outlet for self-expression, so when that avenue is taken away from them, it obstructs individuality and unique
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Most students dislike them, and they restrict self-expression and individuality. Forcing students to wear one thing or another will leave them uncomfortable, with one less outlet to express themselves. Though they may make your mornings shorter and leave your wardrobe simple, school uniforms leave children somewhat unprepared for adulthood, with their clothing choices pre made. While some state that school uniforms stop or decrease bullying, bullying stretches beyond clothing and brands; it targets race, ethnicity, personality, sexual orientation, and all the things in between. The vast majority of kids are against school uniforms, so in an environment where children and teenagers need to be supported and educated, their needs should be the top priority -- and school uniforms do little to help

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