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There are numerous approaches in bilingual education, although all English as a second language (ESL). In ESL; there is little or no use of a child 's native language. However it includes many similar approaches inspired from bilingual education because of multinational classes. “ESL classes often has students with many different primary languages. In some schools; variety of approaches are used to bilingual education, designing individual programs based on the needs of each child (Santa, 2004).” In the bilingual education, one of the most common approaches is transitional bilingual education (TBE). TBE programs include ESL. However most classes are directed in children 's home languages until they get proficiency for English only classes. For instance children who have not sufficiency in English might not be ready to learn academic subjects in English. Children like these, spend time in an intensive ESL program in the school and receive instruction in their native language. Bilingual teachers may help students develop their primary language skills such as writing, reading, speaking etc. And also this education has history and
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Several experts have warned that participation in all English classrooms, structured English immersion, or transitional bilingual education may contribute to subtractive bilingualism. When language-minority students are not fully accepted by native speakers of the societal language because of their accented speech or ethnic appearance the loss of proficiency or lack of further development in their native language can result in low self-esteem and negative self-image. Lilly Wong Fillmore described the psychological problems that occurred when young English-language learners, enrolled in all-English classrooms, lost their ability to communicate with family members in their native language.
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